Behind every exceptional business is the right team of people bringing it to life. A blend of experiences and talents that drives innovation, and establishes a company’s depth of knowledge, diversity of thought, and passion.

It takes a team.

We come from different backgrounds, with different skill sets, but all have these things in common…we believe accountability keeps things in motion. By empowering our team of experts to be proactive, no one waits to move forward.

We understand that we are always learning and growing. This keeps us open to innovative ideas and challenging viewpoints, which deepens our collaboration.

Our Core Values

  • Always Hustle
  • Stay Humble
  • Be Honesty
  • Be Hero’s


You’re an integral part of the team.

    David Roberson

    David Roberson

    CEO & Founder of AZELLA

    David founded the company AZELLA (his mom’s name) after watching his mom struggle financially and not have the proper guidance growing up (most women manage household money). Joining The Mutual Fund Store in 2013 aligned with his mission to support fiduciary advisors so that individuals, like his Mom, can obtain the financial education they need.

    David believes that successful businesses know how to support the success of their people. A natural entrepreneur, David is constantly finding ways to do things better and faster. His background in financial services, web dev, design, digital marketing, and SEO makes him nimble and prepared to tackle any digital communication needed to help businesses reach their objectives.

    Best of all, he does more than speak geek—he translates tech lingo and data analytics in a way that makes you feel informed. You’ll feel smarter just having a conversation with him.