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ADA Compliance Laws

Why is it important that RIAs and financial advisors websites be compliant with accessibility laws?

Let’s face it, older web users are an increasing market segment and an important target group for many financial advisors. Legislation requires websites to be accessible to disabled users. A compliant website not only ensures a safe and effective experience for all users, but it also protects you from liability.

Financial services is currently ranked #4 targeted websites for lawsuits related to ADA compliance.

The Value of being compliant as an RIA or Advisor: 


Avoid Accessibility Lawsuits


Be at the forefront of inclusion


Enhance your brand perception


ADA compliance enhances SEO

Understand the meaning

What does ADA Title-III mean for advisors?

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Essentially it states that any private business, group, or entity should make sure it doesn’t discriminate anyone based on ability or disability. 

ADA is a very broad act, affecting many different aspects of accessibility for people with disabilities both in the physical and digital spaces. The part that affects the way business communicates with customers online is called “Title III”, therefore often when web accessibility is discussed, it’s being referred to as ADA Title III

ADA Title III is not a set of standards for financial advisors, it’s US-based legislation, enforcing private websites to comply with the WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Guidelines.

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We Have Some Amazing Clients

“AZELLA did an amazing job with every aspect of our brand and online presence. The Azella team was able to establish our 10 person teams voice quickly, in high quality, that produced results rapidly. We are ADA Compliant thanks to Azella Advisor“

John E. Klaas, Jr
CEO & Founder of Puzzle Wealth Solutions

Scan now to see if your website meets ADA guidelines.

Our website accessibility checker for advisors does the hard work for you, scanning your website’s code to identify accessibility deficiencies. It doesn’t matter if it was built by FMG, Advisors Websites or on WordPress, we’ll give you a free analysis.

A lawsuit could cost you $10,000+. Let us take away that worry, help serve your users better and get you compliant right away.