With a dynamic team, a proven solution, and today’s technology, AZELLA continues to help drive succeed.

AZELLA, a company named after my mom, and her financial journey.

I'm David Roberson, CEO and Founder.

Born into a family of 5, being raised in the streets of Kansas City in the 90's was confusing as a kid. Most of my friends only had one parent at home, and currency to them was street credibility. See, both my parents were home, and they both worked hard to provide a decent living for my siblings and I, so in a sense, maybe I was privileged? But unfortunately, my parents never built equity, which coming from that environment meant that I still had to struggle like everyone else by not having the proper financial guidance and support.

My parents didn't feel like they had enough assets to be worthy to work with a financial advisor...although that wasn’t true. People like my mom should have had a financial advisor. And with today's proliferation of financial advisors and consumer technology usage, there are even more opportunities for advisors to target people just like my parents.

Therefore, after spending the past 14 years of my career in technology, branding and marketing in financial services for the largest RIA in the country, the path forward is clear to me. Our objective is to connect those seeking financial independence with wealth managers and financial advisors. Azella Advisor is how we will begin to address the Equity Wealth Gap.

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Behind every exceptional business is the right team of people bringing it to life. A blend of experiences and talents that drives innovation, and establishes a company’s depth of knowledge, diversity of thought, and passion.

Our team comes from different backgrounds, with different skill sets, but all have one thing in common…we believe accountability keeps things in motion. By empowering our team of experts to be proactive, no one waits to move forward.

We understand that we are always learning and growing. This keeps us open to innovative ideas and challenging viewpoints, which deepens our collaboration.

    Azella Advisor Method


    With more than 10 years of marketing, branding and development experience in the financial advisory industry we have perfected our proven process for driving awareness to your business and converting clients and driving results.

    AZELLA takes a deep dive into your business, mission and goals to make sure we understand your desired positioning in the market and develop your ideal brand. After establishing your brand AZELLA will elevate your online presence and handle the website, SEO, content creation, and social media channels.

    With all your branding and online materials in place it’s time to grow your business even more. AZELLA monitors and optimize leads, marketing funnels, and all other channels.

    Be the Hero

    Our proven process is powered by today’s innovative technology solutions that have allowed advisors like you to establish their credibility quickly and grow exponentially.

    AZELLA takes advantage of content marketing strategies by building a superior web presence, SEO, social media content, email and text automation and other powerful channels.

    AZELLA also provide a CRM marketing automation tool that allows you to manage and optimize leads, marketing funnels, and customer communications while providing detailed reporting on your businesses performance across multiple channels.